What is Opal® Seal™?

Keeping your teeth healthy during your treatment is as important as getting the straight, beautiful smile you’ve always desired. That’s why we use a product called Opal Seal, a protective sealant, to prepare your teeth before the braces are put on.

Because it is often more difficult for you to clean your teeth while you’re wearing braces, a sealant like this is important for an added layer of protection. Opal Seal helps to counter the buildup of plaque, which causes decay, while you’re wearing braces.

Opal Seal is applied in a thin layer to the entire surface of your tooth. It creates a barrier to plaque and will slowly release fluoride to keep your tooth enamel healthy. Opal Seal is invisible, but our team can easily see it under a UV black light.

Combined with your good oral hygiene habits, Opal Seal helps drastically reduce staining, scarring, and the white chalky marks that indicate decalcification, which is an irreversible softening of the tooth enamel.

Opal Seal is not only for children with braces. We use Opal Seal on adult patients too. Be sure to ask us about Opal Seal and your treatment options during your initial consultation.

This is just one more step we found to help you on your way to loving your new smile!